slow walk videos: avignon — sept/oct 2018

On September 28 and October 2, 2018, I record two slow walks around the block I am staying in, in the beautiful walled city of Avignon, France. At the time, I am one of a small company in residence in the theatre development house of Artéphile, working as movement consultant with the writer-performer Amaranta Osorio, the video scenographer Suzon Fuks, and the set designer Alicia Blas, on an original theatre show ‘What I did not say’.

Both slow walk videos have a quiet ambience with fragments of conversations from homes and work places. There is literally no space between the street and the front of the buildings. Avignon_20181002 features the famous mistral wind evident in the soundscape, and in images of flying leaves and litter.

As with almost all of my slow walk videos, they are best heard through head/earphones.