performance workshop — march 2019

On March 23 & 24, 2019, I facilitate a workshop for performers who have a disability, as part of a research project from the University of Melbourne.

I provide participants proposals that allow them:

  • Playful and meaningful interaction with others, the space and objects
  • Improvised performance using movement, stillness, sound and silence
  • Positive reflection as performer and audience in order to develop personal taste and style
  • Opportunity to perform solo, and concurrently with others
  • Ways to explore ‘presence’ through body-based awareness

Much of the ideas and exercises are inspired by Al Wunder’s Theatre of the Ordinary, a methodology for developing skills in improvised performance, and from my own artistic practice in performance art, and physical performative interaction with objects and architectural (built) spaces.

On the second day, the group interact, individually and together, with small objects (provided by participants) and large objects that I provide (long rods and PVC pipes), finding physical connections using weight-sharing, gravity, contact, pressure and balance.

Documentation of a performance workshop
Seated, a woman balances a brass teapot between her index fingers. Her fingers and thumbs are adorned with designer prosthetic jewellery. Her walking stick is in her lap. Photo by Suzon Fuks