walking practice

Since 2010 I take my awareness for walks. That is, whilst walking, I continuously reinstate awareness of the present moment. This mindful walking is something like a performance in itself, resonating with the built or un-built environment at the time.

Spending time and simply being in the un-built environment, I start to feel connected to that which surrounds me.

In the built environment, I’m interested in the embodied perception of “being a local” and “being foreign”, and how the ways and speeds of walking, standing, looking, and the time taken to occupy public space, can bring on such feelings within me. Ways in which I explore public spaces include sneaky walking, zig-zag walking, lingering, dawdling, meandering, keeping distance, and walking slowly.

Centering on movement and environmental perception, I enact various ways of consciously walking, standing and moving—in creek beds, wilderness, suburbia, and the inner city. These explorations happen at day and nighttime, and the durations of these performative actions range from 20 minutes to 20 hours each.

This work doesn’t always focus on outcomes. It is always about seeking presence as a performative state, and perception of actual and imaged connection to one’s surrounding and any other people. It sometimes becomes a spontaneous choreographic work, and only sometimes has an audience. Sometimes I take a branch or pole as a prop/extension and traverse the “frame” of a camera fixed on a tripod. Sometimes I follow a path or line, capturing or streaming various media with wearable devices. Most often I practice un-mediated and un-recorded.